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Aden's Story

"The students all felt included, and we all learned at the same pace. Mrs. Fernandez was a nice and kind person."  


Imagine Etiquette prides itself on providing students with life skills in etiquette, financial literacy, and social and emotional learning. Some students come to the program with a strong foundation in etiquette and education. However, they need support in developing their social and emotional skills to thrive. Aden is one of those students. 
Aden, an Imagine Etiquette alum, joined the SEVA™ program during his time at Magnolia Science Academy after being homeschooled in elementary. He said from the beginning, Bernadette Fernandez created a great environment. "The students all felt included, and we all learned at the same pace. Mrs. Fernandez was a nice and kind person," Aden reflects. 
Aden's mother, Dr. Shindale Seale, admits that she was terrified about sending her son to this new learning environment yet saw how much respect Aden had for Fernandez. More importantly, she saw how much he improved his social and emotional skills under her teaching. Seale said, "I started seeing a little more regulation of mood and regulation of behavior. And I started seeing ways of speaking that I approved. It was more of a demonstration of self-respect, I found. But not that he didn't respect himself but that he was learning how to do it."
Aden is currently a homeschooled high schooler, still utilizing the teachings from the SEVA™ program. "Another thing too that is so profound is even when I am not a person of integrity, he will call me on it," shares Dr. Seale on how the lessons show up in their relationship. "He feels empowered in a way that is definitely respectful, but I am sure that a lot of those seeds were planted in the program."
The invaluable social and emotional skills from the program have helped Aden excel in all areas since his time at the program. He has become involved in model UN and is teaching himself how to play the guitar and piano. He is also very involved in his church youth group. And he is a published author and skateboard enthusiast. 
Through the foundations of the SEVA™ program, Aden has become empowered and confident. He is still developing whom he wants to be in the world. Nonetheless, he now has the skills to approach any situation head-on, including his future goal of attending NYU for screenwriting.
If you are interested in your child, having a similar positive experience as Aden, and learning essential life skills for a successful future, enroll your child in IEIC's
SEVA™ program today

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