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About Us

At Imagine Etiquette (IEIC), we bridge the gap that conventional school curricula might miss, ensuring every child is empowered to unlock their full potential. Recognizing the profound impact of positive reinforcement and structured learning, we've tailored an environment where children flourish.

Crafted meticulously by Bernadette Fernandez, IEIC's distinctive curriculum has enriched schools and private sectors for nearly a decade. Our lessons delve deep into building resilience, understanding peer pressure nuances, and recognizing how diminished self-worth can steer one towards decisions with enduring, adverse effects. By instilling the values of positive social engagement and self-accountability, we're equipping today's students to navigate tomorrow's challenges confidently. With IEIC, we don't just educate; we illuminate pathways to success.


"Elevating Etiquette Beyond Tradition at IEIC"

At IEIC, our etiquette programs don't merely skim the surface. Tailored to suit students from Kindergarten to 12th grade, we delve deeper to truly enrich their lives. Our sterling reputation stems not just from our groundbreaking lesson plans but also from our team of dedicated educators. These aren't just instructors; they're passionate mentors who genuinely care about each student's progress and well-being.

What differentiates us from the rest? It's our community-centric approach. We believe in the strength of the village. Our expansive community, from parents and school leaders to grandparents, godparents, and friends, all come together with a singular mission – to uplift our children, championing their journey to excellence.


Social Emotional Learning

Utilizing social-emotional learning, students delve into understanding their emotions, paving the way for cultivating positive relationships, making thoughtful choices, and achieving beneficial outcomes.



Social Etiquette

Tailored to fortify our youth, from children to young adults, with the skills to handle social pressures, stand up against bullying, amplify their self-esteem, and cultivate enduring resilience.



Life Skills

At IEIC, we firmly believe that mastering behavior and honing impeccable social skills level the playing field. They aren't just skills, they're powerful tools that can open doors and create lasting impressions. Dive in and let's journey towards excellence together!

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Bridging the Educational Divide:

Across our nation, a glaring educational divide persists. Many minority students in certain districts grapple with limited access to quality education compared to their counterparts in wealthier areas. While these under-resourced schools and their dedicated teachers tirelessly strive for excellence, it's undeniable that these students require added support.

IEIC emerges as a beacon of hope in this scenario, bestowing critical life skills that extend beyond conventional classroom boundaries. We are deeply devoted to elevating every child, especially focusing on those who've been traditionally overlooked. Our mission resonates with clarity and purpose: to equalize opportunities by arming each student with the essential tools to navigate life's adversities and celebrations.

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Mrs. Fernandez' Etiquette Classes not only instilled old fashioned values but influenced and enhanced my daughter's confidence, social skills, and interactions with others."

– Chantel, M., Parent

Our Belief


IEIC's Core Values

 In today's world, we deeply believe in the significance of empowering our children with the confidence to communicate effectively, coupled with an appreciation for decorum and respect.

We see proper manners and social skills not just as lessons but as essential tools that lay the foundation for a child's future success. Our mission is to nurture children into becoming thoughtful, respectful, and gracious individuals.

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