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Daily Affirmations

About Us

Imagine Etiquette ("IEIC") picks up where the traditional school curriculum leaves off to help children develop into their best selves to reach their most significant potential. We understand how children thrive in all areas of life when provided positive reinforcement and a structured learning experience. 

IEIC's program is a unique curriculum custom-designed by Bernadette Fernandez. IEIC's programs have been provided to schools and private sectors for the past eight years to teach resilience, an in-depth understanding of peer pressure, and how the lack of self-worth can lead to poor decision-making with long-lasting detrimental effects on their well-being. We encourage positive examples of social interactions along with an understanding of self-accountability. Students today need to get ahead of the challenges they will face in the future, and we feel we have the proper tools to lead them on a path to success.


More Than Just Traditional Etiquette

IEIC's etiquette programs are custom-designed to enhance the lives of students, Kindergarten through 12th grade. IEIC’s success can be attributed in part to innovative lesson plans taught by dedicated, empathetic, and compassionate instructors who take a genuine personal interest in each student.  We know anyone can be trained to teach our curriculum, but only a few are as invested in positive outcomes as our educators are.


This model sets us apart from other companies with similar programs. Our village is our community.  Our community includes parents, school leaders, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and friends. All of whom share the same goal - to support our children by encouraging, empowering, and elevating them to greatness.



Through social-emotional learning, students learn to understand and manage emotions to achieve positive outcomes, maintain positive relationships, and are encouraged to make responsible decisions.



Life Skills

Designed to empower our children, teens, and young adults to deal with social pressures, bullying, and build

self-esteem and inspire resilience.




We have four different series in which students can explore Business Etiquette, Social Media Etiquette, Girls Etiquette, and Boys Etiquette. We believe that control over behavior and exemplary social skills are great equalizers.


Encourage. Empower. Elevate.

There is an education disparity in our country that cannot be overlooked or denied. In many school districts, minority children are not receiving the same quality of education as schools situated in more prosperous communities. These overburdened schools and heroic teachers are doing their best to provide a solid academic experience with limited resources, but these kids need more.


IEIC's picks up where schools leave off by teaching REAL life skills. We encourage, empower, and elevate all children, and especially those who have been disproportionately left behind. We believe it is our job to make the playing field as equal as possible by preparing all students for challenges and success.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

Mrs. Fernandez' Etiquette Classes not only instilled old fashioned values but influenced and enhanced my daughter's confidence, social skills, and interactions with others."

– Chantel, M., Parent

Our Belief


Our Belief

We believe today, more than ever that it is important for our children to understand how to communicate with confidence and understand the value of decorum and respect.


We believe proper manners and social skills are tools that provide children with the confidence needed to succeed in life. We develop children who are courteous, considerate, and kind.

​Imagine Etiquette, Inc.
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