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Meet Imagine Etiquette's Team

At Imagine Etiquette, we boast a dynamic trio of dedicated instructors, each deeply committed to championing our guiding ethos: to inspire, empower, and uplift every student. With distinct skills and perspectives, they enrich our curriculum, offering students a diverse and comprehensive learning journey. Their unwavering belief in each student's potential is evident as they pour their hearts into molding them into future leaders. Their nurturing approach, akin to treating each child as their own, instills motivation and boosts self-assurance.

As the age-old African Proverb wisely says, “It takes a village to raise children.”

Cheri Wilkerson
Lead Instructor

"I teach to create an appetite in children to be lifelong learners.  I believe Imagine demonstrates passion in focusing on encouraging and elevating a curriculum that cultivates well-rounded students."


Daejah Alexander

BELLS Instructor

"I fell in love with our impact on the students. I loved seeing the transitions in their behavior, and I love that we gave them valuable information that they could apply to real-life circumstances. I felt like I lacked access to that type of information from a school setting at their age, and I thought it was beautiful we could be that resource."

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