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The Team

Imagine Etiquette's team includes three talented instructors who embody our mission to encourage, empower, and elevate all students. Each team member brings their own unique gifts and talents to the curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded experience. Each believes in the potential of our students and takes pride in developing them into leaders. By treating each child as if he or she were their own, the Imagine team uplifts motivate and builds confidence.


“It takes a village to raise children” – African Proverb

Cheri Wilkerson
Lead Instructor

"I teach to create an appetite in children to be lifelong learners.  I believe Imagine demonstrates passion in focusing on encouraging and elevating a curriculum that cultivates well-rounded students."


Kimberly Jones

Administrative Assistant and Educational Tutor

"Encourage, Empower, and Elevate are very powerful words that I believe perfectly describe the mission of Imagine. Joining Imagine brings me joy knowing that I am a part of a team of women who help to build

self-esteem and confidence in students."