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Parent Workshops

IEIC's Internet Safety Workshop for Parents

 IEIC’s Internet Safety Workshop provides parents with the information and knowledge they need to navigate their child’s online experience with confidence.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do we know what our children are researching online?

  • Why is TikTok so popular and should Snapchat account?

  • Should we check our kid’s phones daily?

  • Should we place restrictions and/or limitations on their phones?


IEIC's Internet Safety Workshops for Parents will answer these questions and many more. IEIC's virtual workshop guides parents on the fundamentals of parenting in the digital world. We know the information we are providing is relevant and important for you to know. I was provided data by my

Los Angeles County of Education representative who indicated I had 102 educators in over 26 districts participates in my workshop over the past 3 months.


Our goal is that every participant leaves the workshop feeling more confident, less anxious, and ready to guide and participate in their child(ren) online lives.

Want to participate in future internet safety workshops for parents?  Please click the link below to be added to IEIC's Interest list.




If you are interested in having a conversation with your child now about internet safety, please click the link to obtain a FREE copy of IEIC's 5 Tips for Parents to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet.



This was an eye-opening, stop you in your tracks, "I need to make changes from this minute forward" experience. 


I have worked in the digital media industry for over 20 years, yet still didn't fully grasp how easy it is for our kids to be influenced by unscrupulous people on the web. I appreciate how Bernadette made her points, shared examples, videos, and facts in an easy to understand and "matter of fact" manner. She then provided us the tools to add the layers of protection and oversight we needed, as well as talking points we could use when discussing this with our kids.


I am sharing this review with the hope that more people will take this class and understand the reality of what is happening on the web, utilize the tools available to us, and protect our kids from people who prey on innocent kids.


– RJ (Parent)

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