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Parent Workshops

IEIC Unveils: Two Pioneering Workshops for
Today's Forward-Thinking Parents!

In the dynamic world of digital progression and economic shifts, are you geared up to guide your teen through the virtual landscape and set financial benchmarks? Our one-hour virtual workshop offerings are tailor-made just for you! Dive in and be the beacon in your family's digital and financial journey.

Workshop 1: Internet & Digital Safety (3 Series)

Step into the Digital Age with Gusto! Dive deep into understanding the ripple effects of screen time and harness the know-how to guide your teen's internet escapades. Spot those tricky apps, build impenetrable safety nets, and strike the balance against phone addiction. Equip yourself to champion the online world for your teen!

Workshop 2: Introduction to Behavioral Finance (3 Series)
Revolutionize Your Financial Future! Unleash the secrets of savvy financial management. Grasp transformative planning techniques that are not only insightful but downright actionable! Witness the magic of judicious money management and set the stage for a legacy of generational wealth.


On the Edge of Your Seat?
Your journey to empowerment begins here. Ensure you're in the loop! Register today and gear up for a whirlwind of transformative insights.


This was an eye-opening, stop you in your tracks, "I need to make changes from this minute forward" experience. 


I have worked in the digital media industry for over 20 years, yet still didn't fully grasp how easy it is for our kids to be influenced by unscrupulous people on the web. I appreciate how Bernadette made her points, shared examples, videos, and facts in an easy to understand and "matter of fact" manner. She then provided us the tools to add the layers of protection and oversight we needed, as well as talking points we could use when discussing this with our kids.


I am sharing this review with the hope that more people will take this class and understand the reality of what is happening on the web, utilize the tools available to us, and protect our kids from people who prey on innocent kids.


– RJ (Parent)

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