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Dining Etiquette Workshop for Children

Imagine a world where your child navigates every dining experience with confidence, grace, and charm. At Imagine Etiquette, we bring this vision to life with our specially tailored Dining Etiquette Workshop for young learners.


Why Enroll Your Child?

  • Build Confidence: Equip your child with skills that boost their self-assurance at both the family dinner table and grander events.

  • Learn the Art of Dining: From the delicate dance of cutlery to mastering the art of conversation, this workshop covers it all.

  • Endorsed by the Best: Esteemed organizations such as Girl Scout Troops and Jack and Jill have not only endorsed but also celebrated the transformative experiences from this workshop.

As we mold the leaders of tomorrow, let's ensure they carry forward the time-honored etiquette traditions, combined with the zest of modernity. Enroll your child today and let them shine at every dining occasion.

Availability is filling up quickly! Ensure your child benefits from this invaluable experience and witness their transformation into a confident and elegant diner with Imagine Etiquette. For details or to schedule a dining etiquette session, reach out to Bernadette Fernandez at or dial 424.201.5485.


Imagine Etiquette provided a very informative and enlightening etiquette course to a group of 2nd and 3rd graders in our national organization. Bernadette was prepared, professional and a joy to work with. In fact, others caught a glimpse of our activity and requested that Imagine Etiquette be used for other events. We greatly appreciate the invaluable services Imagine Etiquette has provided!

- Adreon Anderson

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