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Business Etiquette Leadership & Life Skills Program


Saturday Empowerment Program

Virtual Afterschool Enrichment Program


Imagine Etiquette, Inc.

"Empower Your High School Students with IEIC's BELLS™ Program: The Key to a Brighter Future!"

"Boost Your High Schooler's Success! Secure Five Online Graduation Credits Taught by Our

CTE Accredited Instructors, in Partnership with Holston Academy- WASC Accredited!"


Are you ready to give your students a competitive edge? Dive into IEIC's Business Etiquette Leadership and Life Skills (BELLS™) program! Our U-C Doorways approved BELLS™ course promises not just invaluable life skills but also a golden chance to earn FIVE credits towards their high school graduation. With our top-tier IEIC instructors' guidance, boasting the renowned Career Technical Education (CTE) Teaching Credentials, your child's academic success is in excellent hands.

And that's not all! We've partnered with the prestigious Holston Academy to offer an enhanced U-C Doorways Approved BELLS™ program.

Seize this exceptional opportunity for your student—enroll now!


"Encourage a Brighter Future for Your Child with IEIC's Transformative Programs!"

Looking for a unique way to equip your child for both academic and life success? Dive into IEIC's three distinct programs, masterfully crafted by Bernadette Fernandez. These courses are designed to ignite "self-esteem, value, and awareness," all rooted in the cutting-edge approach to social-emotional learning. And the icing on the cake? Each program seamlessly integrates essential etiquette and leadership principles.

With IEIC, your child won't just learn; they'll thrive! Our comprehensive programs touch on everything from embracing a can-do attitude and understanding the nuances of social behavior to mastering business etiquette and navigating the online world with grace and integrity. Plus, with lessons on the importance of academic excellence, they'll be primed for success in the classroom and beyond.

Ready to watch your child soar to new heights? Click on the program link below that aligns best with their needs. Time to empower them with the IEIC difference!


IEIC Students Elevated with 2022 Posse Scholarships!


The esteemed Posse Foundation is dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and molding individuals bursting with remarkable leadership qualities. The cherry on top? Posse Scholars are granted full-tuition leadership scholarships from the Foundation’s partner academic institutions.

Thanks to IEIC's Etiquette Programs, our students are not only equipped with essential skill sets but also brim with the confidence needed to triumph in challenging interviews.

A round of applause for Ariel, Jacob, and Nyah on securing the coveted academic and leadership scholarship from the Posse Foundation! We beam with pride as 100% of our students who applied clinched the 2022 POSSE scholarship—well done!

We are so proud of our former student Ariel, a 2022 POSSE Scholarship Winner. Ariel has been a student of IEIC for six years.

We are so proud of our former student Jacob, a 2022 POSSE Scholarship Winner. Jacob was a student of IEIC in the 8th grade.

We are so proud of our former student Nyah, a 2022 POSSE Scholarship Winner. Nyah has been a student of IEIC for seven years.


"Empower Your Day with the Imagine Etiquette
Affirmations App!
Perfect for Parents & Kids Alike!"

Available now for downland on Apple and Android devices

Elevate your daily routine and inspire your child with a dose of positivity! The Imagine Etiquette Affirmations App, tailored for adults and children, is your go-to source for daily motivation and empowerment. Now available for download on Apple and Android devices,

dive into transformative daily affirmations that uplift, inspire, and ignite your spirit.

Grab your device, download now, and let you and your child greet each day with confidence and zest!

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Celeste's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Celeste


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Angela's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Angela


Brooke's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Brooke



“The inclusion of Mrs.Fernandez's programs with academics makes for a formidable and viable means of developing young scholars.”

– Mr. Washington, Lead Instructor, UCLA - SMASH

As Featured In


"Imagine a world where children understand the value of Etiquette and are Encouraged and Empowered to Elevate themselves to greatness."

– Mrs. Fernandez

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