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We Believe In Their Future

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. A successful life begins with confidence,

self-esteem, and self-value at an early age.

One way you can help your child reach their full potential is with Daily Affirmations.  Affirmations build confidence, self-assurance, and reinforce a positive 

self-image. Every child is perfect. They just need to believe.

Daily Affirmations | Imagine Etiquette
Daily Affirmations

IE Programs

The SEVA™ program, developed by Imagine Etiquette, promotes “self-esteem, value, and awareness” through what is known today as social-emotional learning. It is core to all of Imagine’s programming and is often combined with etiquette and leadership training.

Imagine’s SEVA™ students are armed with all the tools necessary for living a life of excellence. ​Imagine's programs introduce the importance of accountability

while emphasizing a positive attitude; respect; appropriate social behavior; integrity

and defining character; modeling proper manners; understanding social skills; and

an introduction to business etiquette; social media etiquette; and lastly 

dining etiquette. Students also learn the significance of high academic 

achievement and the consequences of academic failure.

Celeste's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Celeste


Angela's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Angela


Brooke's Story

Learn how etiquette

helped Brooke


“The inclusion of Mrs.Fernandez's programs with academics makes for a formidable and viable means of developing young scholars.”

– Mr.Washington, Lead Instructor, UCLA - SMASH

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"Imagine a world where children understand the value of Etiquette and are Encouraged and Empowered to Elevate themselves to greatness."

– Mrs. Fernandez

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