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"Empowerment Beyond School Hours:

IEIC's Virtual Enrichment Journey"

VASE™ Program

At IEIC, we believe in offering more than just traditional lessons. Our Virtual After-School Enrichment (VASE) Program is a comprehensive blend of social etiquette training fused with insights on modern manners and etiquette. Beyond that, we ensure our students are well-informed about the evolving world by updating them on current events and pivotal social topics that could shape their futures.

Our mission doesn't end there. The curriculum is designed to instill the essence of high academic ambition and the importance of avoiding academic pitfalls.

IEIC’s enriching sessions focus on cultivating accountability, fostering positive attitudes, nurturing respect, promoting healthy social interactions, and building a strong foundation of integrity and character. The programs also introduce students to the realms of business etiquette, financial literacy, adeptness in social media decorum, and the art of dining etiquette. Join us in paving the path to holistic development for every student!


Online Classes Begins November 1, 2023

The following courses are divided into four weeks which are presented in a one-hour program:



Week 1: Social Graces

Introductions, Greetings; Please, Thank You,

Excuse Me; Fundamentals of Politeness;

Improve Leadership, Public Speaking; and

Communication and Social Skills. 



Week 2: Self Esteem/Self-Worth

Instilling Confidence; Building Self-Esteem

and Self-Worth; Learning One’s Value; Building Character; Personal Appearance; and Hygiene.



Week 3: Social Respect

Getting Along with Others; Learning Social Skills; Social Emotional-Learning Skills; How to Handle Peer Pressure/Bullying; and Social Media Etiquette & Internet Safety. 



Week 4: Life Skills

Business Finance, Dining Etiquette, Adulting Skills, Time Management; Meal Preparation,

Entrepreneurship, Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Classroom Etiquette, Problem Solving,

Test Taking Skills, Study Skills, Critical

Thinking Skills.


Enrollment Special!

Only $150 for a 4-Week Session!




If you complete your registration for the VASE™ program

by October 1, 2023, you will enter a raffle to

win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

"It is very refreshing to witness my daughter putting to practice all that she learned in her weekly etiquette classes not only at home but when we're out in public among family and at church. Etiquette class not only instilled old fashioned values but influenced and enhanced my daughter's social skills and interactions with others."


– Gloria S.,  Parent of  Middle School Student


"Elevate Your High School Students' Education

with IEIC's BELLS™ Program!"

At IEIC, we're not just committed to academic success; we set new benchmarks! Proudly announcing that our Business Etiquette Leadership and Life Skills (BELLS™) program received UC Doorways approval as a College Preparatory Elective ("g")/Interdisciplinary course on March 14, 2018.

Fast forward to 2022, and we're taking it a step further. Through our collaboration with Stanza International Academy, the acclaimed BELLS™ program is now available online! High school students who embark on this journey and complete the program are rewarded with five essential credit units toward graduation.

Ready to transform your academic journey? Click below for more details.

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