Virtual After School Enrichment Program

VASE™ and Etiquette

Imagine's programs consist of a combination of social-emotional learning accompanied by proper manners and etiquette. Students are updated on current events and social topics that affect their lives now and in the future. Students also learn the significance of high academic achievement and academic failure. 

Imagine's programs introduce the importance of accountability while emphasizing a positive attitude; respect; social behavior; building integrity and establishing character; modeling proper manners; understanding social skills; and an introduction to business etiquette; social media etiquette; and lastly dining etiquette. 

Online Spring Classes Begins April 19, 2021

The following courses are divided into four weeks which are presented in a one-hour program:


Week 1: Social Graces

Introductions, Greetings; Please, Thank You,

Excuse Me; Fundamentals of Politeness;

Improve Leadership; Public Speaking; and

Communication and Social Skills. 


Week 2: Self Esteem/Self-Worth

Instilling Confidence; Building Self-Esteem

and Self-Worth; Learning One’s Value; Building Character; Personal Appearance; and Hygiene.


Week 3: Social Respect

Getting Along with Others; Learning Social Skills; Social Emotional-Learning Skills; How to Handle Peer Pressure/Bullying; and Social Media Etiquette & Internet Safety. 


Week 4: Life Skills

Business Finance, Dining Etiquette, Adulting Skills, Time Management; Meal Preparation,

Entrepreneurship, Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Classroom Etiquette, Problem Solving,

Test Taking Skills, Study Skills, Critical

Thinking Skills.


Enrollment Special!

$99 dollars for 4 weeks If participants pay in full during the initial enrollment. Sessions are held one hour per week for 4 weeks

4 sessions priced at $25 each; $100 for 4 weeks

"It is very refreshing to witness my daughter putting to practice all that she learned in her weekly etiquette classes not only at home but when we're out in public among family and at church. Etiquette class not only instilled old fashioned values but influenced and enhanced my daughter's social skills and interactions with others."


– Gloria S.,  Parent of  Middle School Student

UC Doorways Approved!

Imagine students' academic success is extremely important and we have raised the bar for students to become elevated in their education.  We are ecstatic to announce on March 14, 2018, Imagine's Business Leadership and Life Skills program was approved through UC Doorways as a College Preparatory Elective ("g")/Interdisciplinary course.  High School students who enroll and complete the elective program will receive college credit.

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