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Business Etiquette, Leadership and Life Skills (BELLS™) Online Program

Introducing Imagine Etiquette's (IEIC) NEW U-C Doorways approved BELLS™ Online Program.


BELLS™ is designed to prepare high school students for college and career success. Students learn about responsible budgeting, financial literacy, interviewing skills, resume writing, entrepreneurship, and other crucial life skills. The BELLS™ program is a must-needed course and will build confidence in life skills for every student upon completion of this program.


Suppose your child plans to attend any University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) school upon graduating high school. If that is the case, the expectation is to take a required selection of courses. IEIC has a solution for you! We can help provide the units necessary for your child's college applications.


We are pleased to announce IEIC has partnered with STANZA International Academy (an accredited online school) to provide its BELLS™ program, a UC-approved, "g" college-preparatory elective high school course. By enrolling your child into IEIC's BELLS™ online program, upon completion, your child will earn an extra "five" units of credit towards their high school graduation requirements.


IEIC's online program emphasizes analytical thinking, academic challenges, and substantial reading and writing, including problem-solving and project-based learning. In short, our program is designed to provide your child with essential life skills for success while attending college.

IEIC's BELLS™ program is an online course that begins every year during the second week of January; if you want more information, email or call 424.201.5485. 

Please visit Imagine’s calendar page for updates and schedules for future etiquette classes or call 424.201.5485 for more information.

CTE Teaching Credentials

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

It is very refreshing to witness my daughter putting to practice all that she learned in her weekly etiquette classes not only at home but when we're out in public among family and at church. Etiquette class not only instilled old fashioned values but influenced and enhanced my daughter's social skills and interactions with others.


– Gloria S., Parent of  Middle School Student

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