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IEIC's Transformative SEVA™ Programs for Schools
(Kindergarten - 12th Grade)

Schools across Los Angeles County, spanning Charter, Independent, Public, and Private sectors, have turned to IEIC's renowned SEVA™ programs. These programs seamlessly blend etiquette with social-emotional learning, reshaping even the most challenging students into engaged and enthusiastic learners. Beyond helping these students, SEVA™ also assists academic achievers in mastering time management and honing their goal-setting skills.

While IEIC's SEVA™ programs primarily find their home in educational settings, they're versatile, fitting seamlessly into Colleges, Universities, and Corporate environments. The flexibility of the SEVA™ curriculum also allows it to be molded into private classes, group sessions, and workshops catering to children, tweens, teens, and adults alike.

The heart of IEIC's success lies in its thoughtfully crafted lesson plans, delivered passionately by our team of dedicated, empathetic, and caring instructors. They approach each student with the warmth and understanding one would reserve for their own child.

To cater to diverse needs, IEIC offers a trio of SEVA™ program packages, each promising to uplift the ethos of your school community. Interested in learning more? Kindly fill out the interest form below.


 SEVA™ Imagine’s Social-Emotional Learning Program involves interactive lesson plans which instruct students on how to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and encourage students to make responsible decisions.


Life Skills Program is designed to empower children, teens, and young adults to deal with unfriendly classmates and friends, bullying and to inspire resilience, build confidence, social skills, emotional intelligence, character, leadership, respect, manners, morals, and self-esteem.

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Etiquette programs feature four different series in which students can explore:

Business Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

Girls Etiquette

Boys Etiquette



4-Week Introductory Program

Consider this the ideal moment to explore Imagine Etiquette's (IEIC) SEVA™ 4-Week Introductory Program tailored for schools. IEIC proudly presents a bespoke program, combining elements of social etiquette, confidence enhancement, and financial literacy specially curated for educational institutions.

Post-pandemic, we recognized the necessity to engage with community schools that hadn't yet had the chance to immerse in a distinct program like ours, leading to the birth of this 4-week introductory initiative.

This brief, yet impactful program serves as a window into the full-fledged SEVA™ Enrichment curriculum that spans an academic year, and it stands as our most sought-after offering! The 4-week structure is tailored to give students a rapid understanding of what the entire program offers. It's a beneficial arrangement both for the inquisitive students and the forward-thinking schools.

Having collaborated with numerous school districts, we invite you to introduce this transformative experience within your educational community. Interested in setting your school apart? Click the link below to express your interest. Bernadette Fernandez will soon be in touch to offer a complimentary assessment of your school's ethos, ensuring we propose the most fitting program to cater to your specific needs. We eagerly await the chance to collaborate with you!


IEIC is firmly committed to excellence in client service. At the forefront of our mission is to drive impactful outcomes that enrich every school community we touch. Since our inception in 2014, we've been unwavering in our dedication, bringing about meaningful transformations in over 3,500 students' lives.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the school districts that have collaborated with us. Your trust in our programs has played a pivotal role in enhancing your students' lives. The consistent support from your leadership teams and educators has been instrumental in allowing us to make a lasting difference.

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Elementary School

Elementary school is a crucial phase in a student's life. During these formative years, the foundations of character and integrity are laid down. It's a time when morals, ethics, and respect are not just introduced, but deeply ingrained, shaping the individuals they will become in the future.


Middle School

Middle school represents a transitional period for students. They find themselves teetering between childhood and adolescence, navigating the challenges that come with this in-between stage. With fluctuating confidence levels and a quest for self-identity, they grapple with understanding their evolving roles and place in the world.

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High School

IIEIC's SEVA™ program is tailored for high school students grappling with maintaining a positive outlook and sustained focus. During these pivotal years, the program offers tools and guidance to help students navigate challenges and thrive academically and personally.

School Partners

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2019/2020 School Year

In 2014, IEIC introduced the SEVA™ program for schools, ushering in a revolutionary educational approach that inspires students to reach new academic heights.

When traditional schools shuttered their doors due to the pandemic, Bernadette Fernandez swiftly adapted. She launched virtual online programs ("VASE") to assist students grappling with depression, anxiety, and the feelings of isolation. These programs focus on social-emotional learning, aiming to foster confidence, integrity, respect, pride, and a deep sense of self-worth among students.

"From Dependency to Pioneers: Breaking the Cycle with Education"

Instead of remaining dependent on public resources for extended periods, the numerous students we've uplifted have evolved into proactive pillars of society. These graduates are trailblazers, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Many proudly wear the badge of being the first in their families to hold a high school diploma.

Imagine's students

Students who
Imagine SEVA™


93% were promoted to the next grade level. 


88% met or made progress toward their academic improvement goals. 


99% stayed in school. 


90% improved their behavior. 


95% graduated from middle school. 

78% improved their attendance.


SEVA™ Program Elevates Foster and Homeless Youth

Did you realize that across our nation, a mere half of foster and homeless youth manage to complete high school? Even more startling is that less than 3% earn a degree from a 4-year university.

The emotional and social challenges these foster and homeless youth face are heart-wrenching. But there's a beacon of hope in Mrs. Fernandez's SEVA™ programs. They are designed to instill belief, nurture self-worth, and bolster confidence within these young souls.

With a tailored curriculum, Mrs. Fernandez seeks to inspire these students, ensuring they don't just finish high school but also excel in chasing their dreams and achieving their utmost potential.

Understanding Foster and Homeless Youth in Public Schools: A Closer Look at the Facts:

  • Foster and homeless youth frequently face school transitions, often changing schools mid-year. Many are placed in special education classes and struggle with below-average grades.

  • The dropout rates for these youth are alarming. They are three times more likely to abandon high school compared to other low-income students.

  • Disturbingly, only about half of these young individuals graduate from high school, trailing significantly behind their peers from the general population. Their prospects of attending and completing college are also much dimmer.

  • A substantial 40% of school-going foster or homeless youth grapple with educational challenges and social-emotional hardships.

  • These academic hurdles aren't just confined to school. They also pose significant challenges later in life, particularly when seeking and retaining employment.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

"Mrs. Fernandez Life Skills Class has taught me so much about building my confidence and what I will need to prepare for when I attend high school and college."

- Daniel, Student

Discover Our Programs: 

Why not explore what we have to offer? Allow us to be a catalyst for positive change in your school!

We're more than willing to tailor packages to cater to your specific needs. For further details about our school programs, please submit your queries here or dial 424.201.5485 ext, 1.

Thank you! We're eager to connect with you and your institution.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Fernandez


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