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Elementary School

Elementary School is a very important time of development for students.  It is during these years where character and integrity are developed, morals, ethics, and respect are introduced. 


Imagine understand this significant time in a child's life and has created programs that instill the importance of accountability while emphasizing a positive attitude; respect; social behavior; building integrity and establishing character; modeling proper manners; understanding social skills; and an introduction to business etiquette; social media etiquette; and lastly dining etiquette.

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"If you are having trouble in school go to Mrs. Fernandez 
she will help you thrive."


– Kamar M., Middle School Student


Middle Schools

Middle school is an awkward time for students. They are not quite kids anymore but not yet adults. Their confidence is low and they are trying to figure things out. They depend more on their friends than their family. It's important for them to understand that they each have wonderful and unique qualities that make them special.


Imagine's SEVA™ program will empower students to withstand peer pressure and develop self-esteem and confidence.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi
"Mrs. Fernandez! I loved your class!! Please don't change anything about how you teach. If anything you should consider teaching us every day instead of only two days a week.
I really love you." :-) 


– Jasmine S., High School Student


High Schools

Congratulations Class of 2020! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication!

Imagine’s SEVA™ program is designed for students who are struggling to stay positive and focused in high school. Our etiquette programs provide students experiential learning opportunities in creating skill sets needed to achieve academic success. Whether their choice upon graduation is either to attend college or to start their own business, they are more than prepared to accomplish whatever lies ahead.

Imagine’s data illustrates its alumnae are self-assured confident, motivated, and ambitious individuals who are elevated to take on life's challenges whether positive or negative with grace, ease, and decorum.