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Read below to learn about the personal experiences of many of our former students, educators, and colleagues with whom we have worked. They believe in our programs because they work.

Testimonials from Educators

IEIC’s educators are the keys to the success of our programs. The relationship created between Mrs. Fernandez and the educators speak volumes as to the dedication and committed efforts by the school’s principals, teachers, deans, and support staff.  All who worked together for a common goal of elevating students in need.

Testimonials from Former Students

Students often experience a myriad of obstacles in learning due mostly to overwhelming issues and problems faced at home or in their communities. 


Imagine understands the difficulties students confront on a daily basis and thereby created two extraordinary programs to assist with struggles in behavior, academics, attendance, bullying, and social consciousness.

These are the students who completed Imagine's Leadership, Life Skills & Empowerment programs.

Testimonials from Parents

IEIC understands the difficulties that students and parents face in and out of the classroom. We are a team of dedicated instructors who work to curtail the sometimes-unpleasant situations parents face in raising their children. IEIC’s parents are impressed with stories from their children about our lessons. Surprisingly enough, parents are most interested in IEIC’s Daily Affirmations and often ask for copies for themselves.  We take our responsibility of teaching our students seriously and are proud to say our parents continue to support our efforts.

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Are you an Educator or Parent and want to learn more about our programs? Contact us or review our current program listings. We host workshops and courses for kids, teens, and adults on a wide range of topics from self-esteem to business etiquette. 


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