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"Imagine a world where children understand the value of Etiquette and are Encouraged and Empowered to Elevate themselves to greatness."

– Mrs. Fernandez

Dive into the Vibrant Universe of Imagine Etiquette's Offerings!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey because at IEIC, we're not just teaching etiquette – we're igniting futures with passion and precision! Our top-tier etiquette programs cater specially to our enthusiastic learners, spanning Kindergarten through to the 12th grade. But here's the kicker – while our unique curriculums are our pride, they're just our starting note.

The real magic at IEIC? Our powerhouse of instructors! Each one is an alchemist, blending expertise with immense empathy. They go the extra mile, treating every student with a care that feels deeply personal and familial. We can train on the methodologies, but the genuine heart and zeal for our students? That’s organic, and that’s our unbeatable edge!

Step into our vivacious community – our beloved village! This isn’t just a term; it's our very essence. Our village is a mosaic of parents, educators, grandparents, and everyone who believes in our vision. United, we're on a mission of purpose: to elevate our youth, shaping them into confident, charismatic, and trailblazing individuals the world awaits.

Dive in and explore the plethora of programs we’ve crafted for kiddos, teens, and adults with zest. We're rolling out the red carpet, beckoning you to join our transformative saga. Let's write incredible stories together!

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"For Schools Only"

Step into the dynamic world of IEIC's Self-Esteem Value and Awareness (SEVA™) programs – our crown jewel of Social-Emotional Learning platforms! It's not just about learning; it's about transforming. SEVA™ is meticulously designed to uplift, energize, and inspire students, propelling them to tap into their boundless potential. We're here to help them unfold their wings, nurture their inner strengths, and soar to become the best versions of themselves. Dive in and witness the magic of self-discovery and personal growth! self-discovery and personal growth.

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In the face of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, students across the globe were grappling with a myriad of emotions. Recognizing this pressing need for social-emotional support, Mrs. Fernandez sprang into action. Drawing from the core principles of her renowned SEVA™ program, she ingeniously crafted a condensed, yet equally potent version to birth IEIC's Virtual Afterschool Enrichment Program – fondly termed "VASE". Designed with love and insight, VASE reaches out to students of all ages, providing them the anchor and guidance they so deeply needed during these tumultuous times. Another testament to Mrs. Fernandez's unwavering commitment to holistic student well-being!

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"High School Students Only"

IEIC is thrilled to announce that our signature Business Etiquette Leadership and Life Skills (BELLS™) program has achieved a remarkable milestone. It's now officially recognized by U-C Doorways as an A-G-approved course! This endorsement not only underscores the caliber and excellence of our curriculum but also reaffirms our unwavering commitment to student development. But that's not all! Embracing the digital age, we're elated to offer the BELLS™ program virtually, thanks to our dynamic partnership with Stanza Academy International. This collaboration ensures that you have access to this groundbreaking course no matter where you are in the world, empowering the next generation with the etiquette and leadership tools they need to thrive in today's world. Dive in and elevate your journey with us!

Attention Educators!

Are you seeking a transformative change in your student's behavior and academic performance? Want to cultivate a thriving, positive atmosphere within your school community? Your search ends here. IEIC's SEVA™ programs, tailored for kindergarten to 12th-grade students, seamlessly blend etiquette with social-emotional learning techniques, ushering students into becoming engaged and proactive learners. Discover more about how we can help – click the link below to complete the interest form or contact us at

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