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Angela's Story

"I pray to God that he will always keep Ms. Fernandez safe, healthy, and genuine. I met Ms. Fernandez when I was in middle school. She was my life skills and etiquette teacher for 2 years. Ms. Fernandez has been a huge influence in my life. I’ve never had such a loyal, honest, genuine teacher/mentor before. Ms. Fernandez is definitely one of a kind. Although I am a high school student now I still stay in contact with Mrs.Fernandez. She is the main reason I graduated from middle school.


She believed in me and never let me fail. Ms. Fernandez always wanted success for every single one of her students and her strong need for our success eventually played a role in her student’s lives. She recently helped me decide what I want to do in the future and the steps I need to take to succeed. Also, she got me my very first job which I am forever grateful for. I am highly grateful for Ms. Fernandez and wish her nothing but the best! I wish one day I could repay her because she truly has a genuine heart."

– Angela G., High School Student

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