Cameron's Story

"Most teachers discounted my efforts when I tried to be a better student. Some times I just wanted to give up."

"Middle School is really hard. No one understands the things that you go through or struggle with. I had major behavior issues prior to joining Mrs. Fernandez’s life skills class.  I was known as the “bad kid.” No one wanted to deal with me. Most teachers discounted my efforts when I tried to be a better student. Some times I just wanted to give up. One of my counselors’ suggested I join Ms. Fernandez’s class. At first, I was skeptical. I heard about this lady from my friends. Who was she? Who was this lady who inspired kids and lifted us up?  I had never seen someone who cared about kids as much as she did.  She even cared about me! I couldn’t believe it. I told her that I was a bad kid. She said, “no kids are bad, they are just misunderstood.” Wow! I couldn’t believe it. 


She didn’t think I was bad as everyone else suggested in my life. I was really smart but I choose not to apply myself in school. I was too embarrassed to tell Ms. Fernandez I had F”s in every class, but she already knew.  She never judged me or called me out directly. However, one day she told the entire class that we are not mediocre students and therefore none of us should settle for mediocre grades and C’s represented mediocre. From that day forward Ms. Fernandez changed my life. I am now a straight-A student, my behavior dramatically improved and I am more confident than ever. Ms. Fernandez, from my heart, thank you for loving your students like we are your kids. I will never forget you. When I become a man, I hope are there to celebrate all of my accomplishments because I know if I never met you, I would not be who I am."


– Cameron M., Middle School Student

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