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Michael Grace Jr.'s Story

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Michael Grace Jr. learned about Imagine Etiquette during his 7th-grade year at Haskell Stem Academy. He was intrigued by the SEVA program, which offers an after-school enrichment program through Imagine Etiquette and school partnerships.


Michael Jr. was enthusiastic about the SEVA program allotting him the opportunity to experience and explore new things, especially financial literacy. Michael Jr. said, "because Mrs. Fernandez was strict, caring, loving, respectful, and just knew her business, I was able to learn many different aspects of financial literacy such as assets, taxes, income, and credit."


According to Michael Jr.'s mother, Tanisha, her son consistently demonstrated financial responsibility; however, the program took his interest to a new level. "He's always been a thrifty type of person as far as monitoring his money and saving his money," said Tanisha. "After the program, I can tell that he was more enthused about banking, saving, and putting this aside for shopping and putting this aside for fun. He knew how to manage his money."


Although Michael Jr. began the program mainly with interest in learning more about money, the skills that Mrs. Fernandez demonstrated during the program have impacted all areas of his life. Michael Jr.'s father, Michael Sr., says that aside from Michael Jr. becoming financially savvy, the SEVA program has developed his maturity in numerous areas. 


"The program has helped him come out of his shell and improve in other areas of his life. He's trying to run for class president now at school. He's joining more programs at school, is more outgoing at home, and is more vocal in his everyday life," said Michael Sr. " He plays football, so now he talks to the coach more. His grades have improved even more. He was an A/B student before. Now he's a straight-A student."


Due to the knowledge that Michael Jr. received from the program, he is even interested in a possible career as a banker or financial advisor.


If you are interested in your child having a similar positive experience as Michael Jr., and learning essential life skills for a successful future, enroll them in IEIC's SEVA program today.


Imagine Etiquette's mission is to encourage, empower, and elevate children in all areas of their lives so that they may be successful now and well into the future. 

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