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Daniel's Story

"I am so happy I met Mrs. Fernandez! She has been such an inspiration for me and my classmates."

"Mrs. Fernandez Life Skills Class has taught me so much about building my confidence and what I will need to prepare for when I attend high school and college. I am so happy I met Mrs. Fernandez. She has been such an inspiration for me and my classmates. Mrs. Fernandez is really caring and she makes sure we understand all the life lessons she provides us. She makes sure we hold our self accountable for our actions.  She believes in us and our dreams.  She supports our goals and she encourages us not to give up and to move for with confidence. I know all the lessons she has taught me over the years I will use in my adult life. Thank you,

Mrs. Fernandez, for being the best teacher ever!"


– Daniel M., Middle School Student.

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