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  • Location: St. Jerome School 
    Mr. MacDonald

  • Address:
    5580 Thornburn Street
    Los Angeles, California 90045

Dates & Time





  • Ages: Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Trips & Fees

  • Highly Qualified staff and teachers, camp directors with over 10 years in education 
  • Cost: Early Bird Special $295 per week base (cost of field trips not included). Field Trips will be broken into the following grouping: K-5 and 6-8 (costs not included in weekly fee) March 15th weekly fee increases to $350 per week (cost of field trips not included).

    • Includes one shirt and light snacks

  • Before and After School Care Fee:

    • $50 per week morning care 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. 

    • $50 per week after-school care 5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

  • Field Trips for an Extra Fee:​
    • 6  Trips: Colleges, Museums, Local Business Partners

    • College Tour-visiting one place

    • USC, Exposition, 

    • Natural History

    • California Science Center

    • LMU, Beach Day-Dockweiler, Redondo, Malibu

    • Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park, LA Zoo

    • UCLA, Hammer, LA Museum of Holocaust

    • Volunteer and community service items -kids, partner with organizations -community service

    • St. Jerome Service Projects

Camp Programs

  • ​​Academic Course Offerings

    • Academics, Enrichment & Social/Mental Wellness

      • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Skill Building

      • Business Finance

      • ACT/SAT Prep

      • Social Media Etiquette

      • Financial Literacy

      • Test Taking skills

      • one-on-one tutoring available

      • Math skills

      • Emotional Well-Being

      • Art Therapy

      • Community Activism & Empowerment- learn self-advocacy, social justice reform, volunteer service projects within their communities, analysis of politics, voter registration

    • Leadership, Life Skills & Public Speaking

  • Elective Course Offerings 
    • Physical Wellness

    • Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz

    • Basketball (provided by PIC3 Training)

    • Activity Day

    • Drama

    • American Idol

    • Movies at School

    • Slime Making

    • Water Balloon

    • Scavenger Hunt

    • Game Truck

    • End of Camp BBQ

    • Park Visits

    • Beach Day

    • Arts and crafts

    • Outdoor Games

    • Board Games

    • Steam Hands-On Projects

    • Guest Speakers for Careers

    • Yoga and Meditation

Imagine Leadership Nutritional Impact

  • Parents will provide students lunch

  • Imagine will provide snacks

  • Food conscious: Allergies, Gluten-Free, Vegan, provide items to stimulate brain growth, memory, and retention, and development.

Imagine Leadership Camp Curriculum

  • Business and Financial Literacy – This course is offered to rising scholars from 3rd to 8th grade. Through this course, students learn how to budget finance, open bank accounts, write checks, learn the differences between debit and credit cards, how to effectively manage finances (personal and business), how to build various streams of income, how to maintain good credit standing and navigate the real estate market. Scholars walk away with the necessary information to build a secure financial portfolio and the understanding of multiple nuances associated with maintaining a said portfolio.

  • Leadership, Life Skills, and Public Speaking – This course is offered to rising scholars from 1st to 8th grade. This course focuses on students cultivating/honing innate or perceived leadership skills. Oftentimes people who are leaders are thought to be aggressive and overbearing, but the purpose of this unit is to celebrate these qualities and provide students with tools to successfully traverse all areas of life. 

    • Scholars are provided with life skills such as personal manners, appearance, phone manners, social respect, and dining etiquette.  Scholars are taught how to polish their image, manage their hygiene, present a favorable body language, read social cues and effectively conduct themselves on the phone. These are skills that are essential as students navigate life at school, home and in society at large. 

    • Public Speaking is a skill that needs to be honed, refined and practiced.  Scholars are provided opportunities to practice the skill of public speaking in multiple settings – one-on-one interaction, group discussion, and presentation.  Scholars are provided with a model, guided through self-evaluation and provided with actionable feedback. 

  • Social Media Etiquette - This course is offered to rising scholars from 3rd to 8th grade. This unit covers appropriate social media protocols. Scholars are guided through how to effectively use social media and how to recognize and avoid predators. Scholars will know what unsuccessful use of social media looks like and the ramifications of its misuse.  Scholars will also learn what cyberbullying is, why it is wrong and how to be an advocate should it happen to them or someone they know. They will learn to speak up!

  • Mathletes provide enrichment activities that bolster/challenge scholars' math abilities.  There is also a focus on preparing scholars for testing by exposure to the format of the test questions and test-taking strategies. 

  • Linguistics will work with scholars to fortify their phonemic awareness and decoding and reading skills.  There will also be a component of test-taking preparation. (Elementary)

  • Scholars will read in Lit and Lan, participate in discussions, complete creative presentations/reports to make reading come alive.  With parental consent, there will be a comparison study of the book and the movie version of the selected text. There will also be some work done around grammar and spelling. There will also be a component of test-prep and strategies embedded.

  • The Great Debaters - public speaking, toastmasters format to teach confidence in speaking

  • Community Activism - social justice reform, volunteer service projects, analysis of politics, voter registration, know your rights campaign and gain experience being a leader and making a positive impact on the leadership camp.

  • Career Development & Intern - Students will research their career options and build a self-career pipeline and begin to learn how to build a web portfolio and gain networks through LinkedIn and other job boards. There will be options for students to gain an internship during the summer or after the summer.

  • Hip Hop Dance - Children will explore the benefits of Hip-Hop Dance through expressive movements. This will increase flexibility; Children will explore the benefits of Hip-Hop Dance through expressive movements. This will increase flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence.

  • Arts & Crafts - Designs environments where children can practice many skills needed to be a Lifelong Learner. Crafts will also help develop a better sense of eye-hand coordination, as well as math and critical thinking skills. Art encourages self-expression through decision making, and creativity.

  •  Home Economics/Consumer Studies - empowers students to manage the challenges of living in a diverse society. We will discuss the importance of family and family roles. We will learn the difference between Traditional and Non-Traditional values. Children will report on the prices of necessities today vs. yesterday's needs. Children will discuss and discover different career paths as we gain knowledge of the earnings of career choices. 

  • Family and Consumer Sciences teach young students the importance of following rules to navigate through life successfully. Other topics to examine are: 

    • Money/Bills 

    • Nutrition/Cooking 

    • Shopping  

    • Wants Vs. Needs 

    • Sleep 

    • Cleaning  

    • Support 

    • Safety 

    • Care and Supervision 

    • Laundry

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