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Mrs. Gerstenberger's Story

"The daily frequency in which Mrs. Fernandez's students demonstrate considerate

behavior in my classroom has also increased."

“You have such a polite child!" Most parents would never tire of receiving this compliment. Through her weekly afterschool etiquette class at St. Jerome Catholic School, Bernadette Fernandez has been teaching third and fourth-grade students the importance of using good manners now and in the future.

The effervescent Mrs. Fernandez takes a personal interest in her students and motivates them fun, engaging activities that allow the children to practice what they've learned. I have witnessed these students beam with pride at the responses they received when opening car doors and extending cheerful greetings during morning dropoff, and again when delivering heartfelt, handwritten thank-you notes to recognize a recent act of kindness or generosity.

The daily frequency in which Mrs.Fernandez's students demonstrate considerate behavior in my classroom has also increased. Bernadette Fernandez's etiquette class would be a valuable supplement to any school curriculum or after-school program."


– K. Gerstenberger, 4th Grade Teacher, St. Jerome Catholic School

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