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Ms. McGee's Story

"Mrs. Fernandez's approach and delivery foster trust and encourage engagement,

which is another reason why her program is so successful."

"I first became acquainted with Mrs. Fernandez when I began the school year as the Director at View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle School. In previous years, Mrs.Fernandez serviced our 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade girls with her specialized programming. Upon meeting Mrs. Fernandez, I was immediately impressed with her warm demeanor, professionalism, and the rapport she had with the staff and students. Mrs. Fernandez extended her services to the elementary school as well, where she engaged some of our  5th-grade students. I am in awe of Mrs. Fernandez's dedication and the passion she has for 

serving our youth.


Mrs. Fernandez's presence in our school community has made an indelible impression on the girls who participated in the Imagine Etiquette program. We have been able to witness the growth that students

who participate in the Etiquette program experience. Mrs. Fernandez meets the students where they are and pushes them to develop the social and emotional skills necessary to be upstanding members of

society. The girls who participate in the program have only positive things to say and look forward to

being in attendance daily.


Mrs. Fernandez's approach and delivery foster trust and encourage engagement which is another reason why her program is so successful. In working with Mrs. Fernandez, I have found that she is a very responsible, dedicated, focused, and industrious individual, with an unrivaled passion for serving others, especially youth. Her experience working with youth, parents, staff, and other community stakeholders demonstrates her ability to inspire, motivate, and effectively engage others through her programming.


Imagine Etiquette’s programs have made a major impact on our students, and Mrs. Fernandez's personal commitment to our scholars and our school community allows the program to yield successful results time and time again."


– Ms. McGee., Principal, Elementary and Middle School Schools

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