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Nyah's Story

"Imagine's Girls Only Etiquette Class has helped me so much throughout my life. I have been a part of Imagine’s etiquette classes since I was in fourth grade. Mrs. Fernandez’s etiquette class has taught me how to be a well rounded respectful young lady  As a student and daughter of Mrs.Fernandez,  I have learned many things that I am so grateful for.


Mrs. Fernandez is the best teacher who her students as if they were her own. She is an amazing role model for each and every student that comes into her classroom. The one thing that sticks with me to this day, is how Mrs.Fernandez teachers her students how to live life and not be afraid to take challenges. I honestly do not know where I would be if I did not have this class to guide me through my life. I truly suggest all of you take this class because you can truly change your life for the better and learn new skills to guide you for

years to come."


– Nyah  F., High School Student

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