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Elevate Your Child's Journey with IEIC's VASE Program!

Are you in search of an enriching online after-school program starting this November? Look no further! Introducing IEIC's Virtual Afterschool Enrichment (VASE) program.

Embark on a 4-week journey: 1 hour per week of engaging sessions.

Our unique approach combines social-emotional learning with essential manners and etiquette, crafting a holistic experience for your child.

  • Empower them with insights into current events and vital social topics that shape their present and future.

  • Illuminate the path of academic achievement while understanding the impact of academic challenges.

  • Instill accountability and a positive mindset, fostering respect, impeccable social behavior, and unwavering integrity.

  • Equip your child with essential life skills: Modeling proper manners, mastering social etiquette, and delving into business and social media etiquette.

  • Uncover the art of dining etiquette, a skill that transcends generations.

At IEIC, we're more than an enrichment program – we're a stepping stone toward a brighter future. Secure your child's spot in the VASE program now! Ignite their potential and watch them flourish with IEIC.

Mark your calendars as this extraordinary program sets sail this November.

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