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Meet Our Newest Team Member

Daejah Alexander joined our team this summer to serve as an executive assistant. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Daejah worked with Ms. Fernandez, IEIC founder, a few years ago when she served as an instructor.

"I fell in love with our impact on the students. I loved seeing the transitions in their behavior, and I love that we gave them valuable information that they could apply to real-life circumstances. I felt like I lacked access to that type of information from a school setting at their age, and I thought it was beautiful we could be that resource."

Daejah recently returned to Los Angeles and is excited to join us to help IEIC grow within the organization to reach more students and make an even more significant impact, she said.

"I love that we are a team dedicated to positively changing our students' lives. There is always a smile or genuine care and love anytime we are connecting as a team, and there's no better environment to work in," said Daejah. "One where the people around you are positive and caring people, and together, we get to make positive impacts on parents, students, and our community as a whole."

Daejah has a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and previously worked as an art teacher in the Cincinnati Public Schools. When Daejah is not working, you can find her in nature, trying a new vegan restaurant or cooking something at home.

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