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Top Scholarship Search Tools You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Did you know that November is National Scholarship Month? As of Spring 2022, almost 16 million students are enrolled in college. According to, only 25% of students receive college scholarships annually. However, over 1 million types of scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Either due to the lack of resources or information, students are not applying for scholarships and instead financing the cost of school through student loans or out of pocket.

The average cost of college tuition is at an all-time high of almost $36,000 per year, which makes it imperative to apply for scholarships earlier than before. Here are some of the top scholarship search tools to utilize with your children.

Easy Scholarship Applications

It is advised to start applying for scholarships as early as a year before acceptance. Most scholarships require lengthy applications and detailed essays. However, there are some that do not require essays at all or shorter ones. Here are some easy scholarships to apply for ranging from $200-$30,000 for US based students.

Top Scholarship Websites and Search Engines

Another important factor to identifying scholarships are the websites and search engines. With college students' enrollment projected to increase over the next decade more websites and search engines have been created to be a viable resource to students during the process. The websites and search engines mentioned in the following articles allow you to create profiles, apply filters, and receive notifications about scholarships to streamline the process.

Types of Scholarships

Types of Scholarships Lastly, when identifying scholarships best suited for you or a child, you can categorize them by types such as athletic, identity-based, activity, or employment. These categorizations can allow you to appeal to an underutilized mark and be less saturated, allowing you the possibility to be a match. Check out these different types of scholarships.

At Imagine Etiquette, our goal is to help encourage, empower and elevate our students to greatness. These resources will help make applying for and identifying scholarships more manageable for you and your children.

Visit Imagine Etiquette to learn more about how we can help your child prepare for the future.

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