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Our Mission

Imagine Leadership Camp is the catapult in providing life skills, etiquette, business finance literacy, academic success, social-emotional growth, community involvement, social justice initiative, and self-care through wellness, self-esteem and economic independence. 

 Imagine Leadership Camp (ILC)is for K-8th Grade at the St. Jerome School in Westchester, California for six weeks over the summer. The purpose of the camp is to provide scholars the skills they need to be competitive in the academic and social realms of life. Imagine Leadership Camp offers academic skill-building (SAT/ACT Prep, test-taking, reading, listening, speaking, and writing), social-emotional development (empowerment, etiquette, conflict resolution, negotiation, life skills), business finance training (generational wealth, budget, entrepreneurship), and wellness (sports, athleticism, nutrition skills, home-economics, fitness, meditation, and art therapy).


The idea to formulate a unique and leadership based youth camp sparked into Bernadette Fernandez’s mind in 2018. This started as a simple idea that has now flourished into a successful opportunity for scholars to continue growing year around. Imagine’s academic program has benefited scholars of Magnolia Public Schools, KIPP LA, Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF), and schools within Los Angeles Unified School District. Imagine also offers student coaching opportunities, which has caused hundreds of students to see improvement in their self-esteem, work ethic and academic confidence that can be transcended into real-world applications to navigate the waters of social media problem solving financial management, and conflict resolution.


With data-driven best practices that demonstrated impeccable results for schools and families, there has been a strong desire for parents to see longer-lasting results. Parents have h a unique desire to continue with Imagine’s program over the summer because of her outstanding ability to develop students in Business Finance, Social-Media Etiquette, Leadership, and Life Skills. In 2020, the camp is in full motion to support hundreds of students to make an overwhelming effect that will shift the educational landscape for decades to come.

Our Vision

Scholars of Imagine Leadership Camp will be outstanding life-learners who believe in themselves and strive to provoke positive change in their lives, their schools, communities and the world in which they lead.

Core Values

  • Academic Success

  • Business Financial Literacy

  • Etiquette for the 21st Century

  • Leadership & Executive Functioning Skills

  • Social-Emotional Wellness & Empowerment


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